Due to the inclement weather and reported flood warning, United Praise NYC has sadly been cancelled for everyone’s well being. The event is now reschedule for Sunday, August 12th at 7PM with local artists at Beraca Baptist Church. We apologize for the inconvenience and we can’t wait to see you all tomorrow night! 

Rescheduled Location

Beraca Baptist Church
9602 Flatlands Ave
Brooklyn, NY, 11236

Time and Date

Sunday, August 12th at 7:00PM

The Hottest music event for 2018

United Praise NYC is a one-of-a-kind gospel event with a fusion of well known multicultural Christian recording artists in Praise to one God. The goal of United Praise NYC is to bridge the gap between cultures and ethnicities in the United States, challenging the church to lead the way toward unity and solidarity. Reminding Americans that we are better together. Partnering in this event are NYACK College, Kaya Life Entertainment and Chosen For the Journey. Some of the artists leading in us praise will be: Sidewalk Prophets, Jackson Chery & Bridging the Gap, Gracias Choir and more…!

Come and join us as we celebrate and connect with each other; unified under the umbrella of worship and grace!

Event performers

Jackson Chery & Bridging the gap

Executive producer Jackson Chery moves the Haitian community up into the musical genre. With his hit albums ‘Bridging the Gap’ & ‘Bridging the Gap 2.0 ‘ he climbed up to number 7 on the World Genre Billboard Chart and number 12 on the Gospel Chart in 2015.

Anne Garcon & NOW

Anne Garcon had started her musical ministry as a young as 6 years old. Growing up, she had honed her skills and mastered the practice of her vocals and gifts to musically inspire others. Directing the Haitian Alliance Mass Choir for over 15 years, she left the notable group to expand further; later aligning with NOW to deliver the message to all. With two widely recognized and favored singles, “More like You” and “Lost in You,” the group continues to bless each and every stage as they grow.

Chosen for the journey

Neo-soul worship artists Chosen for the Journey know just where millennials are coming from. They are talented and passionate siblings who perform as individuals and join forces as a collective powerhouse of praise. Together, they have graced churches and retreat centers across the NYC Metro area. Mark Jean-Pierre is an accomplished drummer who brings the harmony and pulsating beats to Chosen for the Journey.  Monique Sade Jean-Pierre is a worship leader and a sought after singer-songwriter and speaker in the NYC community.Her voice is a melodic reflection of one’s deepest thoughts and cries from the heart. Jasmine is a rising star in her own right. With a powerful voice that penetrates your heart and soul, she transports you to place of deep reflection.  The trio is a balanced blessing longing to engage audiences of all colors and creeds with a relevant message:


Voice of worship

Voice of Worship is a Haitian based Opera-style group. Performing in a wide arrange of venues such as Brooklyn’s Barclay’s Center and Radio City, VOW’s upstanding gentlemen are can take on any and all challenges.


A private, non-profit Christian college, seminary and graduate school. Established in 1882 by A.B. Simpson, the institution offers a vast array of majors and classes to further your knowledge in your desired field with sacrificing your faith.

A Christian-based production company the promotes the vibrant and wonderful musical talent in well known and popular venues.

Chosen for the journey

The musical group that thrives to enrich and touch every living being through their songs of worship and spirits of praise.

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